Our quarterly newsletter is a useful resource. It promotes future events and exhibitions as well as recapping highlights from recent programs. Most issues feature an in-depth article or interview and most newsletters contain another installment of the adventures of Abigail Fieldmouse, a popular series of stories designed for children.

Click here to read the most recent issue, or click on one of the archived issues in the table below for newsletters published in recent years. Current issues of the newsletter are also available at all our events, on the front tables at the Avon Public Library and in the archives at the Marion M. Hunter History Room at the Library. The newsletter is also mailed to all of our current, financially-supporting members.

Archived Issues

Winter Spring Summer Fall
2018 Winter 2018 Spring 2018 Summer 2018 No Issue
2017 Winter 2017 Spring 2017 Summer 2017 Fall 2017
2016 Winter 2016 Spring 2016 Summer 2016 Fall 2016
2015 No Issue Spring 2015 Summer 2015 Fall 2015
2014 Winter 2014 Spring 2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2014
2013 Winter 2013 Spring 2013 Summer 2013 Fall 2013
2012 Winter 2012 Spring 2012 Summer 2012 Fall 2012
2011 Winter 2011 Spring 2011 Summer 2011 Fall 2011