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From books to car decals to historic maps, if any of the unique gift items below interest you, we have two easy ways for you to order - either leave a message at 860-678-7621, or you can use our Gift Shop Order Form.  We will be able to work out orders as well as shipping and handling over the phone or via email. 

As you would expect, every dollar spent goes directly to keeping Avon's historical legacy alive and well.  We are all Volunteers. Regardless of how large or small your order, we appreciate your support!   



Maps of the Farmington Canal.  

The Simsbury Free Library and HIstorian Carl Walter have created single town maps of the Farmington Canal.- New Haven, Hamden, Cheshire, Southington, Plainville, Farmington, Avon, Simsbury and Granby.  They come folded or laminated flat.  Cost for each folded map is $5.00, for flat laminated $10.  A full set of folded maps is $40.  Order the AVON map only here for $5.00.  To order others, please contact the Simsbury Free LIbrary at (860) 408-1336 or e-mail them at:


Catch'd on Fire by Nora Oakes Howard, Town Historian

(Paperback – 2011) 223 pages - $24.00

Nora's latest book relates the story of Reverend Rufus Hawley, Northington's first pastor, having served West Avon Congregational Church during some of America's most tumultuous 48 years from 1769 until his death in 1826. Nora was able to bring the Pastor's unique story to life from his 50 years of journal entries.

Signed Copies of Nora's new book will be available for sale through Avon Historical Society after October 15th, 2011. If you would like to pre-order copies, we can do that too.

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Avon, Then and Now by Peter J. Wright

Introduction by Nora O. Howard (Paperback – 2010) 96 pages - $22.00

Avon, Then & Now, tells Avon's story by juxtaposing historic with contemporary images. Avon's Town Historian, Nora O. Howard, was kind enough to compose a beautifully written, unifying introduction for this history of Avon through photography.

Avon Then and Now

Some surprises in this journey of discovery included a stunningly detailed aerial view of Avon Center in the 1920's, when locals set their clocks to the Ensign Bickford whistle; and a visit to Heublein Tower by President Ronald Reagan from way back, when he was President of the Screen Actors Guild - thanks to the Friends of Heublein Tower for providing the image. Likely one of the most challenging "cognitive search and rescue operations" in the history of Avon involved locating the Aramini family that continues to run "Rose's Kitchen" in Riverton, CT, once a well-known Avon institution.

Thanks to so many who were willing to share their images and stories, all of whom are gratefully acknowledged. Without their help, a work of this magnitude would not have been possible.

As with all books sold locally, whether through our website, at Avon Historical Society Properties or through Avon Free Public Library, all books are signed by the authors.

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Avon - Images of America by Nora O. Howard - Town Historian

(Paperback - 2000) 128 pages - $22.00

Nora provides context and understanding to hundreds of photographs from Avon’s numerous collections beginning circa 1900, just as photography was becoming a powerful means of storytelling.  There is a certain, “Back from the Future” feel to the book.  As you drive along Route 44 today, for example, you can compare what the scene was like a hundred years ago.  It is striking to see how former generations perceived of trees as very large weeds and took down pretty much every one of them.... 

Avon: Images of America

Another interesting chapter is the collection of classroom photos from way back.  One of your relatives may very likely be featured.  If you do not already have a copy of this book on your shelf, this is your opportunity to locate signed copies for you and your loved ones.

If you are still wondering about just how interesting this collection of photographs is....  Sadly, I used to have two copies of the book, loaned them out, and never saw them again! 

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Avon, Connecticut, An Historical Story by Mary-Frances L. MacKie

Illustrations by Janice Loeffler (Hardcover - 1988) 322 pages- $22.00

Avon's most comprehensive history to date, this is perhaps one of America’s most interesting collections of stories about the many people who helped to build Avon, from the earliest settlers to the near present.  You are in for some compelling reading. 

Avon, Connecticut: An Historical Story

One of my favorite stories from the book is of Avon’s “first resident,” John Hart, moving up from Farmington to what was then Northington (the old name for Avon).  Mary-Frances, an extremely gifted story teller, has managed to wrap these many stories together into an easy-to-read narrative.   

Needless to say, if your family has been in the area for a while, chances are, they are mentioned in this book.        

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1869 Map of Avon – Sepia Poster Card Stock – 15” x 18” - $5.00

The Map illustrates the various property and business owners of that era - all 100 or so of them - with all the original family names listed - yours may very well be mentioned, and shows where the rail / canal line - now the Farmington Valley Greenway - ran through the center of town. 

1869 Map of Avon

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New this year!  Full color notecards (envelopes included) with paintings of local scenes done by students at Avon High School. These 5” x 7” Note Cards show the covered bridge at Countryside Park, the Flower House on West Avon Road, the forge at Avon Old Farms School and Pine Grove School House. They are blank note cards so they work for any occasion.  The artiists and property owners gave us permission to use these images. The printing was donated.  Therefore 100% of the proceeds benefits the programs and projects of the Avon Historical Society.

  Set of 8 Note Cards of all four properties with envelopes - $8.00  (2 for $15.00)


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Avon Sites Illustrated – Sepia Poster Card Stock – 18” x 24” - $5.00

This unique collection of illustrations by J. Clowerre was created for Avon's 175th anniversary celebration in 2005.  Each hand-painting has been reduced to fit into this one-of–a-kind composition, suitable for framing.  For all we know, it is perhaps the only collection of local sites available anywhere. 

175th Anniversary Sites of Avon

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Postcards – 15 pt Finished Postcard Stock, Glossy UV Front, Writable Back – 4 ” x 6 ” - 50 Cents Each

The results from our First Annual Avon High School Photography Contest are now available for sale online and at the Derrin House, Pine Grove Schoolhouse and the Living Museum, and soon to be available elsewhere. Specially designed for the postcard enthusiast in your family; printed on sturdier than average postcard stock to ensure safe arrival to distant locations. Having sent similar 15pt postcards halfway around the world, we have yet to find the bulk mail sorter that can mangle these. Personally fond of sending colorful postcards as thankyou and greeting cards, if only to let our significant others know what a beautiful place we live in.

Countryside Park View by Gigi DiGiuseppe  Derrin House Exterior View by Jeff Lewis  Pine Grove Schoolhouse Interior View by Ellen McNeill

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Are you already familiar with Cat’s Meow?  They create wood-block keepsakes of our local heritage.  Each one is hand painted and provides explanatory information on the back.  Unfortunately, Peter’s photography skills do not do justice to how well done these items look in real life….  If you have ever seen one up close, you know what I mean.

Pine Grove School House Block – 4” x 4” - $12.00

The Farmington River Canal Boat Block – 5” x 2-1/4” - $12.00

The Charles Miller House Block – 4” x 6” – $12.00

   Pine Grove Schoolhouse    Farmington River Canal   Charles Miller Home

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