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Welcome to The Avon Historical Society, Inc.



Avon Historical Society's mission is to identify, collect, preserve, utilize,

publish, display, and promote the history and heritage of Avon.

Welcome to Spring / Summer 2014
The Avon Historical Society presents:

Myth, Maggots, Minie Balls,
Gangrene and Glory
A Civil War Medicine Program

June 5, 2014    7:00 PM
 Sponsored by:
Connecticut Humanities,
Ensign-Bickford Foundation, Inc.,
Avon Public Schools and Avon Free Public Library.


New informational kiosks by Eagle Scouts included.

            The Avon Historical Society welcomes you to the School House, 3 Harris Street (West Avon Road/Route 167) and the Derrin House, 249 West Avon Road, for the summer tourist season on Sunday, June 1st and every Sunday through September from 2:00 4:00pm.

 The Pine Grove Schoolhouse was built in 1865 as Schoolhouse No.7 and still remains in its original location.  It is owned by the Town of Avon.  It was in use until 1949 when it became a branch of the town library, nursery school and meeting place for the Boy Scouts.  The Avon Historical Society restored the building in 1976 and is interpreted as a schoolhouse of 1900 with bolted desks, hand slates, textbooks, scrolling blackboard and other educational memorabilia of the time.  During the summer of 2012, the almost 100-year old outhouse was restored and placed near its original location. New to the property this year will be an informational two-sided kiosk that is being installed by Ryan Tyler as an Eagle Scout project containing history and photos of the School as well as the West Avon area.  Early in 2014 a Repair and Maintenance Grant was applied for by the Town of Avon and the Avon Historical Society to the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation to restore the 112 panes of glass in the windows of the schoolhouse, as most of them are original and have deteriorated over time. If the grant is awarded, it is expected work will begin this summer.  To make a donation toward the matching funds needed for this grant, please send a check to: Avon Historical Society, P.O. Box 448, Avon, CT 06001.  All donations will be acknowledged.

The Derrin House (c. 1810) has the first floor open to the public while restoration continues in other parts of the building. It was leased in 1996 by the State of Connecticut, Department of the Military to the Avon Historical Society for adaptive reuse. The land that the current Derrin House sits on was the property of one family for over 150 years (1766-1920); this structure traces its roots to the late 18th century. One can see the progress the family made as the house was expanded again and again. The Derrin House is testimony to a way of life that has virtually disappeared from our region; the family farm. Filled with period furniture and implements the Derrin House invites visitors to learn what life was like on a 19thcentury New England farm, where the weather and uneven soil always made life interesting.  Many aspects of that life are on display within the house; including several interactive pieces. Included on the property is a newly installed informational mounted sign, created as an Eagle Scout project by Justin Alessio, about the Horse Guard State Park Scenic Reserve that surrounds the Derrin House. Alessio also restored the main trail and constructed a hitching post near the trail head.  The public is encouraged to hike the trail to the top and enjoy the views of the Valley.

Cookie Recipes from Civil War Commemoration Events  

Need a clever gift idea?  Someone moving away?  

Unique gifts available!  

Need a quick gift that is special and of interest to your local history buff? How about a book or set of notecards from the Avon Historical Society Gift Shop?  We are pleased to have several books on Avon history available including photo books of views of Avon yesterday and today. NEW this year!!  Full color notecards of historic scenes around Avon painted by students at Avon High School.  These heavy stock cards are 5" x 7" in size and depict scenes of Pine Grove School House, The Flower House on West Avon Road, Countryside Park and the Forge at Avon Old Farms School.  A set of 8 cards are $8 or 2 sets for $15.  Sets come in individual pictures on each or cards with all four pictures on the front.  The student artists, whose name are on the back of the cards, gave permission for their images to be reproduced.  Printing was donated.  Therefore 100% of the proceeds will benefit the projects and programs of the Avon Historical Society.  To order, please contact the Society at the number below for price and shipping, if necessary.  To view all our items, visit the AHS Gift Shop page


About Us

                                                  Avon Historical Society P.O. Box 448, Avon, CT 06001

Founded in 1974, the Avon Historical Society is an all volunteer, nonprofit organization devoted to the conservation of Avon's historical and cultural past and its educational relevance to our life. Membership in The Avon Historical Society is open to the public.

Currently the Society's projects include full restoration of the Derrin House on West Avon Road, proper storage of many artifacts in the Schoolhouse No. 3 (formerly The Living Museum) and Pine Grove Schoolhouse, answering local history questions, giving referrals to those who seek "experts" to help with their historic home or genealogy questions, publishing a newsletter and planning fundraising events.

The Society belongs to the Farmington Valley Visitors Association, Connecticut League of History Organizations, and the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation.

In 1972, the National Register of Historic Places designated a section of West Avon as the Pine Grove Historic District. The District includes the Pine Grove Schoolhouse and five homes built prior to 1865. 

An historic building survey was completed in June 1997 of the town of Avon by the State Historic Preservation Commissiom. Many sites have been identified as potential historic districts. The complete survey can be viewed at Town Hall, and the Avon Library.


For information on joining or volunteering, please feel free to call Avon Historical Society directly at 860-678-7621.


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